Mala Beads Question; Answered

QUESTION: In class I saw your mala beads and I’m wondering why there is a extra bead there besides the buddha bead and tassel that’s on all of them. Do you make your own? Do you use more than one for meditating? Querent: Interesting question regarding mala beads. Yes, I do make my own and … Continue reading Mala Beads Question; Answered

Resurrection…after a fashion.

Hey Folks, long ago classes changed...or should I say, "ALL HAIL The Internet." I love it and I hate it and I come and go. I've had different sites, people have tried to help and built things, I've had too much going on at once and sometimes nothing going on at all. My interests have … Continue reading Resurrection…after a fashion.

Aloha. Hoping you are Healthy and Well

I added a song. Playing my trusty ukulele has been my therapy not just to get through this trying time, coronavirus, but also over the past year. The last few years have been exceptionally challenging ultimately landing me in the hospital about a year ago or so, heart condition. I was at the end of … Continue reading Aloha. Hoping you are Healthy and Well

The Holi-daze

'Tis the season, for what is a choice. All the energy is out there. The excited energy of  children, anticipation of cookies and Christmas presents. There's the religious aspect, people feeling re-kindled in the love and faith they have for their god(s) or even goddesses. There are people reunited with family and friends, there is … Continue reading The Holi-daze

The Stonecutter

  Once, long ago, there was a stone cutter who was often dissatisfied with himself and with his position in life. One day he passed a wealthy merchant’s house. He saw many fine possessions and important visitors. “How powerful that merchant is!” Thought the stone cutter. "I would like to be like him and have … Continue reading The Stonecutter

Six Wise Men from Hindustan

Six Wise Men of Hindustan There were six men of Hindustan, to learning much inclined, Who went to see an elephant, though all of them were blind, That each by observation might satisfy his mind.  The first approached the elephant, and happening to fall Against his broad and sturdy side, at once began to bawl, … Continue reading Six Wise Men from Hindustan