The Holi-daze

Glowing lights in the dark.

‘Tis the season, for what is a choice. All the energy is out there. The excited energy of  children, anticipation of cookies and Christmas presents. There’s the religious aspect, people feeling re-kindled in the love and faith they have for their god(s) or even goddesses. There are people reunited with family and friends, there is camaraderie and feelings that are unconditional, unconditional kinds of love and relationships. It’s all “out there,” in the ether. The question is, with all this heightened energy out there, the ones listed here being the very tip of a very large iceberg, what type of energy do you want to tap into?


Take a look, take a deep breath and choose where you want to go. Keep balance in mind, keep others in mind and take care of yourself.

Happy Holidays to All and to All a Good Night!!!


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