Here It Comes…

Have you ever had that feeling? The feeling that something is coming, some change of some sort. Could be the kind that begins with upheaval and ends with a curve in your path that you hadn’t foreseen. Could be the type that at first is frightening, demanding changes you weren’t ready for and now have to get ready for. It’s the stuff that sucks when it’s hitting the fan but later you look back and know that you needed it, that you wouldn’t be the awesome you are now had you not been through it.


My journey has taken me through so many different ways to inspire and empower myself to make it through these trying times in life and today, I’m taking a moment to be grateful that I am not too proud to do ritual. Granted, my rituals have changed rather dramatically from the way I did them when I first started experimenting with ritual in the 70’s. In fact, my approach has changed more times than I can remember. Still, there is always insight to be gained from taking part in ones own growth. From being the one who does the work, lights the candles, creates the intent and the feeling and writes their own prayers.

To that end I will only say that currently I am being pushed into a corner, much of what is going on is entirely out of my control so I focus on what is, my own reactions and responses to the push.  I can do a ritual that will inspire me and empower me to stay strong. To me personally, that is so much better than just leaving it in God’s hands. I’m not knocking people of faith, if anything I admire them. People who can just skip along and put it all on God and conveniently remove accountability and the requirement to take action can be looked up to with regard to how abundantly strong their faith must be.

Personally, I don’t have that kind of faith in anything I have no reason to. Over time I have gathered my own evidence and come to my own conclusions regarding the seen and the unseen forces that contribute to my own interactions in this world and others. Much of my faith is faith in myself and ritual is a way for me to take action and take back my power in times when I need it most. I know a lot of folks believe ritual to be silly or self indulgent or just plain stupid. Clearly, those are people who have not successfully done ritual or people who accept that they never will, that they will always leave it in the hands of others.

I am NOT a leave it in the hands of others type.

“Ritual is to the internal sciences what experiment is to the external sciences.”

-Timothy Leary


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