Crystals & Stones


I have added some information about crystals and gemstones, been meaning to for some time now. I listed 13 of my favorites and that is only the beginning. I also plan to add other information I’m interested in, hope others are too. If you want to suggest anything, please do so in the comments.

There will be a page about crystal shapes as that is pertinent to how the energy of a crystal is focused or directed. That will likely lead to more information on meridians and Qi flow as well…I’ll be busy!

Next I want to add information about what crystals work well together though I suspect that is largely variable depending on the individual and circumstances…Again, I’ll be clear, I am more a novice in this area of study and all suggestions are welcome. It has been my old students as well as old and new friends that have built this website over time. Most of what is here is what has been suggested, things folks wanted included and of course I had to rub some Hoodoo all over it for good measure.

Here’s hoping that the Crystal and Gemstone information here is useful and insightful to a good many people. The more suggestions I get, the better. As always, thanks to all the people still keeping in touch and all the people who are just now checking it out.

Since this section is new you may not find what you are looking for here and while the internet can help it can also be pretty daunting, especially when you might have a really specific inquiry, might I make a suggestion?

The way the internet works these days most folks at one point or another have been forced to get a Google+ account. Some folks just roll with that, others, not so much. I have a way for you to get your crystal questions answered AND make use of that tedious G+ account that’s just sitting there.

Healing With Crystals is a G+ group run by a crystal maven called Sandro. I won’t go on and on about the awesome. I will say that for real answers form real people who know what they’re talking about I recommend Sandro’s site. You get real answers to your crystal questions and real people to share insight with without any of the rudeness and snark so prevalent on the internet. I have been a member there long enough to know that Sandro has created the type of community the internet was built for.

Have a wonderful day.


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