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I was introduced to transcendental meditation in the late 1970’s and that is really where this all begins. At the time I had no idea about meditation, no idea what the reasons for doing it were and no idea what one could accomplish by doing it as I was just a kid. I was also a kid with a neighbor who had a statue of Ganesh in her apartment and the patience to answer my myriad of questions. She taught me much about Zen Buddhism and Taoism and since I was a child and genuinely curious I drank it all in like a sponge. I asked questions when I had them, she made corrections or suggestions as we went along and I learned through action. I was very blessed. Right place, right time to sum it up and that was to become a pattern in my life, meeting the right people at the right time.

ganesha_OMI have spent a good deal of time traveling and have often found myself in places with a diverse crowd. I have met a wide variety of people with a wide variety of knowledge, wisdom and experience with the physical, mental and spiritual areas of life. A lot of the people I have met over the years have also had a wide range of skill-sets. I have learned so much from spending time with these people but mostly I have learned that there is always more to learn, with each new place I go and with every new person I meet there is opportunity.

The way my spirituality manifests is the very definition of flux. Still, with a site like this I suppose I might be inclined to answer the question of what exactly this thing I have dubbed “Bohemian Mysticism” is. The simple answer is that it is whatever the person doing it wants it to be and that is where the “me” in “about me” and Bohemian Mysticism meet. It is my belief that every person is vastly different and logic dictates that their journey is as well. I also believe that there is no final destination for one walking a spiritual path. The journey is long and the more aware we are the more areas of our lives are infused with it. Since the journey is in flux so too are we, able to adapt, able to change and if we are doing it right, change for the better.

yinsipnner My belief is that acknowledging self and re-claiming accountability is crucial to personal and spiritual growth. Over the course of time that is what the focus of this site has become. The relationships I have built over the years, some in real life and many more since the internet has come along, have been valuable to me as a teacher and as a student of life. If we are on the path of growth we are at once teachers and students.

There is no need to seek a teacher or to force a lesson. If one is walking the path of growth the teachers and the lessons will come to them.”

-Hanna Maxwell

teachers2-crpdAs for the more personal side, since this is the “About Me” section, I am a writer, a mother, an activist and a nomad, among other things. For many years I spent time traveling. Whether it was on trails, with the circus or on Grateful Dead Tour, I was always on the move. I spent time on the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and John Muir trails among others that now make up the American Discovery Trail. Apart from living under the stars and in my little pup-tent I have also lived in a tee-pee, on a sailboat and in trees as well as under them. I have always had a deep respect and fascination with nature and natural cycles. As much as nature is a huge inspiration to me so too is human nature. When I attended college my interests besides psychology, which was my major, were usually related somehow to human behavior whether relating to a macro or a microcosmic perspective.

Over time I have also made a study of herbs, both medicinally and magically. I have learned from some really fascinating people in this area as well, again being in the right place at the right time. I studied with a Native American herbalist, some of my old Gypsy mates and took official training, receiving certification from two different herbs schools, one with a focus on TCM, the other on western herbs. I also did an internship at a TCM clinic in Santa Cruz California. The training I have been blessed to receive has led me on another path I will always be on. Herbalism, magical or medical, like spirituality is a practice, a practice one never perfects and instead gets the great honor of working on over the course of their entire life. Forever fascinated.

Whether I was traveling or settled in for a stretch of time I knew that how I saw the world was entirely my choice and I chose to be fascinated by it. In resolving to live an examined life and travel the road less traveled it would seem I developed a unique perspective and that my musings have proven to be insightful, strange or even entertaining to some, to that end, here I am, at your service.

namaloha3Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything here or related and I will do my best to help in any way I can.

For those requesting readings, just leave a message or email me.


*The following are some of the services I have offered in the past, availability is situational. My point of view on rates is included…

  • Services
    * Hand-fastings
    * Vows Renewal
    * Birthing Rites
    * Healing Rites
    * Transitional Rites
    * Tarot Reading
    *Palm Reading
    * House Cleansing/Blessing
    * Mediation
    * Individual or Couples Spiritual Counseling.                                                                                                
    *Herb use for Magic and Health.
    > Classes in a wide variety of related subjects, all inquiries are welcome.

Rates: As it is my opinion that spirituality isn’t a thing to be bought and sold there is never a charge for services. While donations are welcome they are never expected. Of course availability is a variable, among other things. Questions? Ask via the contact page





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