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I have seen people dispute the little things like what color to use to represent the Earth element or what day of the week or phase of the moon makes a working more effective.  It isn’t only alternative either, there are just as many folks out there debating over how many miles out into the desert Jesus was when he lost his sandals. While I appreciate the truth in that there is power lent at certain times and a specific color can enhance a working I also am here to say that for the most part, the extra power lent comes more from believing that it will than from the time or color itself. After all, these are meant to be considered “magical” workings, how can it truly be considered magic by any definition if it is limited by what color your candle or altar cloth is? If the working is made weaker by ignoring such little details, one might want to ponder why exactly that is.

fractals-fine-lineThere might be folks out there who would consider me odd for the idea this site supports. The content here that alludes to the idea of taking what resonates from varying theologies and blending it together into a practice as one sees fit is sort of “out there” to some folks. Some believe that to take, for example, a prayer style from one theology and use it as you see fit for your practice is some sort of thievery. Mostly these are folks who either want credit and a grand pat on their backside or want to sell you their “way” so they can make a buck. I take a different view. For the most part, any theology you come across is someone’s creation the new-agey ones and the seemingly ancient ones. The ideas are based on innate knowledge that we all have no matter the source. Wording it differently doesn’t make it “yours.” To say that using parts of any theology are tantamount to stealing it from others is like saying that humans stole the idea of walking from the first ape that stood and walked on two feet.

Spirituality is not something to be bought and sold, nor is a truly spiritual person meant to go about knocking people over to take credit for “their” ideas, and I use quotes because half the time people think they are coming up with some brand new, never before thought of, spiritual concept, they are wrong. It has all been thought and said before. Perhaps in different words, perhaps in a slightly different way, but the basic spiritual concepts are the same, basic, and they are all our birth right, we ALL know these things innately and ultimately it ends up being personal choice whether we listen to our inner voice or not. It also becomes our choice to seek self-aggrandizement or growth.

fractals-fine-lineMy choice is to share. There is nothing contained within this site that anyone who wants to cannot go ahead and share with whomever they feel they want to. To clarify my point, I use an expression that many have tried to claim as their own but that has been around forever, “Do what thou wilt.” Arguing over who thought it first or over petty things like who gets the credit or who has the shiniest spiritual thought is a waste of energy that could be spent living these important and timeless messages no matter where they came from. There ultimately are no extra credit points for being the guy who can tell you the exact date it was when Buddha switched from the white sarong to the red lungi or what time Noah cleaned the up after the Llamas every morning.

What is here was written by me anyway and it is meant to be shared. My students and anyone else who wants to can feel free to make copies of anything from the pages of this site or from the documents in the Documents section.

To that end, all the information here is FREE for anyone to share and what anyone does with it is…CHOICE.