Please note- This grimoire has Moon phase ritual suggestions, a Five-Fold blessing, The Eight Grove Festivals, a Ritual to Purify and Consecrate and A Ritual to Gain Forgiveness from Another. Of course there are many, many other rituals I have written over the course of years. The ones included on this page are simply the ones I am most commonly asked about.

To view other rituals that might be of interest, or to find some of the ones here in pdf format, please visit the “documents” section, you might find what you are looking for there. If you do not, let me know what you need, it is likely I have it and can post it for you regardless of whether or not it is influenced by pagan based tradition. I chose a pagan slant for this site because over time it has been most requested and there is interest.

Also, be informed that the documents section contains a myriad of other information as well, such as information regarding Totem Animals, Herbs, year and a day study, planetary correspondences, recipes, quick spells-n-charms and much, much more. I also add content  whenever someone asks or I just feel compelled to add something. Again, in keeping with the sampled theme the information to date is pagan influenced, a blending of many traditions that honor nature, not just one.

One more thing to know, the Eight Grove Festival (Sabbats and Esbats) included below were written as Health oriented rituals for a solitary practitioner. For ritual suggestions for the Eight Grove Festivals that are meant more for Covencraft, see the Grove Festival Ritual suggestions in the Documents Section. Thanks.

One good way to enter ritual space or even meditation is with the thought of renewal in mind. Magical workings and meditations are generally meant to allow a person to achieve something specific that engenders feeling empowered with a renewed energy to resolve or move forward.


  • Ruminate; relax and allow thought before action. Ruminate on action and accountability.
  • Expect change, transformation within and without.
  • Note or name the changes to be made, this is like a statement of intent.
  • Empower; empowerment comes from knowing with confidence that the foundation you built is strong. That confidence lends itself to good  outcome.
  • Withdraw; You have invested what you can toward the intended outcome, now see it through without emotional attachment to outcome, you’ll get insight either way if you’re wise enough to see it.

Moon Phase Ritualsmoonroad

New Moon Ritual

*To be performed after the crescent has appeared; H.P. stands for High Priest(ess)*

>CONSTITUTE: cauldron filled with consecrated Earth, bowl of seeds (wildflower seeds are a good choice) a hole dug in the ground outside the ritual area, salt, water, athame

>CAST CIRCLE; Invocation

>PURIFY; consecrate tools

H.P. hold aloft the seeds in the direction of the moon

“A seed, infinite possibility resides within

We plant with the new moon

Our ideas, our thoughts, our plans.

Like caterpillars in a cocoon

Into fruition to bloom,

One day brought into the light

Now into darkness, Earths womb

We plant them this night.

So mote it be.”

COVENERS: each in turn, take a seed, focus intent on what you wish to plant- what things you wish to draw in, new attitudes and ideas you would like to see come to fruition. When ready, plant the seed in the earth that is in the cauldron and return to the circle. All join hands, take grapevine steps weaving deasil around the cauldron three times. During this time you can chant, the kore chant is a good option or a drum beat, or both. Once thrice around, stop. Raise arms, palm to palm raising a cone of energy, once raised, Earth it into the cauldron.

EAST: open a gate with the athame

H.P. carry the cauldron to the hole and empty it in.

NORTH: cover with fresh Earth and cast salt around the area

WEST: cast water around the area

SOUTH: take up a small handful of this Earth

COVENERS: all return to the circle

SOUTH: cast the Earth into the fire.


 “It is done.

What we reap, so shall we sow

By the truth of three times three

This we do will

So mote it be.”

Here another song could be sung, or drumming can commence to again raise energy and focused intent, and then Earth it.



Full Moon Ritual

 *To be performed on the eve of the Full Moon in solitude with the intent to draw down the moon and draw in personal strength and power or often to draw down Goddess energy itself. Often when people do draw down Goddess energy it helps to know what phase of the Goddess you wish to invoke, Mother, Maiden or Crone.*

>CONSTITUTE: drum, white candle, wand, athame

>CAST CIRCLE: Invocation

> PURIFY: Consecrate tools

>CAST SALT: Bind protection

Begin with drumming, chanting is good too, something steady, like a mantra. Begin raising a cone of energy and light the candle. Gaze into its flame and induce a light trance state.

Take up your athame in your right hand and wand in left and use these tools to expand the cone of energy raised connecting the energetic Mother aspect of the universe with the Earth mother under your bare feet. See this unification reflected in the moon, as its light filters through the cone. Experience this until you feel charged.

Replace wand on altar, hold athame aloft with both hands. Reverse the cone. With athame to sky say “As above” then plunge the athame into the Earth and say, “So below.” Sit on the ground and see the energy transferred from sky to earth in the rays of moonlight through the blade of the athame, soak it in and say, “As the Universe, so the soul.” Then enter again into a light trance state until you feel well grounded. Remove athame and replace it on altar.



Dark Moon Ritual

>CONSTITUTE: black altar cloth, small cauldron filled with water, chalice, wine

>CAST CIRCLE: Invocation

>PURIFY: Consecrate tools

>CAST SALT: bind protection


Light has become dark

This is the time of the Crone.


We celebrate death

For death brings life.

We honor our ancestors

Even if we are far away from the bones of our people.

We dance in the ecstasy of darkness

In the darkness there lie questions

In the darkness, there lie answers.

In the darkness-everything

In the darkness – nothing

All things forever dying to be reborn.”

Fill the chalice with wine. Bless the wine and hold it aloft.

To those who have come before.”

Pour a bit of wine onto the ground as an offering.

To those whose names are remembered.”

Pour a bit out onto the ground again, if people wish they may say the names of loved ones who have passed on.

To those whose names are forgotten, lost in the seas of time.”

Pour a bit out as an offering.

To those whose bones lie within and upon this Earth.”

Pour an offering.

To you from the living.”

Drink some of the wine and then pass it around the circle each covener taking a drink. Raise energy, Earth it.



Five Fold Blessing- TCM Version

Constitute: Salt, Water, Chalice, an infusion of the appropriate herbs in a bowl. (they should be herbs that represent healing, I usually use three; a flower, an herb and a tree)

Cast Circle: Or be in sacred space. Do a salt water purification then add the herbal infusion- consecrate this blend.

Anoint Ears and say; “Blessed be my Zhi, source of Will. That I may hear Truth.”

Anoint Eyes, say, “Blessed be my Hun, ethereal soul, immortal. That I may see Truth.”

Anoint Heart, say, “Blessed be my Shen, Animating spirit. That I may feel Truth.”

Anoint nose, say, “Blessed be my Po, physical aspect of my soul. That I may always seek Truth.”
Anoint Mouth and say, “Blessed be my Yi, power of logic and reason. That I may speak Truth.”

Meditate: I call this the Cosmic Egg meditation, interpret that as you will your own purposes.
Close Circle.


The Eight Grove Festivals- TCM Style

What follows are Ritual suggestions for the Eight Grove Festivals. When I was putting together Bohemian specific Rituals I was working mostly as a solitary and adapted. The Rituals presented here reflect that. I was living at the time in a very health conscious place and was attending a school teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) I called the following my Health Rituals as that is their focus, making health maintenance a focus all year round. There is more to the rituals than meets the eye unless the person looking has a knowledge of TCM and sees the underlying meanings to certain aspects of these rites. However, these rituals can be done by anyone with a very basic understanding of meridians and the concept of Qi flowing through them.

Every correspondence used for these rituals makes sense when related to TCM but these associations only came out to 5 rituals that fell within the parameters of the correspondences used. With three rituals still left, I wrote a TCM version of the 5 Fold Blessing using the 5 Spirits also found in this Grimoire.

As to the remaining three rituals I wanted to have them still relate to health so the focus was on letting go of old habits, setting goals and empowering oneself to action. The three that differ and are goal oriented are Imbolc, Midsummer and Lughnassadh. These three rites also represent past, present and future in the rites.

For the first, Imbolc, I prepared a list of goals. For the ritual the list is ready and sealed in an envelope, it is the seed I will plant. These goals were created based on what was learned in the past.

Next for Midsummer Eve, I open that envelope from Imbolc and read it over making a mental list of what goals I have accomplished and what ones I still need to accomplish. It is a time of receding, like the light, into a cocoon to make plans and regroup preparing for future transformation. Keep the list handy as a reminder; this is a time of accountability and release.

Lastly, Lughnassadh, a time to harvest self confidence and no longer have a need for the list. Time to lay a foundation for the future. By this point whatever has been put into it should show or be felt.

I included an option for lists in a couple of the rituals above but when I did these rituals the first year, I did it as indicated here ultimately burning the lissam_owlt at Lughnassadh. This is all up to the practitioner to do or not do in whatever way they see fit.

You may have noticed my repetitive use of the term three and three. In the context of rituals, for me anyway, this is used to remind me that whatever I put out will come back threefold, thus reminding me to focus my intent and to be positive.


Samhain Eve Oct. 31

Hallowmas Nov. 1

Constitute: Altar set up for meditation

Cast Circle: Or be in sacred space; salt water purification

Statement of Intent:

“On this night the veil is thin.

Let only good enter herein

I make a vow unto myself

To in all ways improve my health

Every end a new beginning

Every death brings in the living

The Circle is complete.

By the truth of three and three

I summon healing unto me

In the stomach and the spleen

Of dis-ease- I am clean.”

Meditate: Enter into a trance state. Visualize Qi in the spleen and stomach meridians

Activate the spleen at Sp 5

Activate stomach at St 1

Activate simultaneously at Sp 1

Move attention to the kidneys, do a kidney meditation, if you wish you can say a little something such as:

“By three and three of ill stay free.

It is my will so mote it be.”

Spread healing energy to encompass the entire body raising energy

Send “extra” energy back to Earthyule_grnman

Close the Circle.


Yule Dec. 20-21-22 

Midwinter Day

Winter Solstice

Constitute: Altar, set up for meditation; salt; water; chalice; infusion of your choice of three (optional) healing herbs.

Cast Circle: Or be in sacred space; Perform a salt water purification leaving water in the North.

Statement of Intent:

“From the long darkness

Light is reborn.

Light of Hope, Light of Health

It pierces my body, protecting me.

My mind alert, unafraid.

By the strength of three and three

I summon Healing power to me

In the Kidneys and the Bladder

Unafraid- Qi won’t scatter.”

Meditate: Enter trance state; On both sides, using index finger:

Activate Kidney at Ki 1

Activate Bladder at Ub 1

Activate simultaneously at Ub 67

When flow of Qi feels steady, anoint the Heart with the Water in the North, say:

“By three and three, no harm to thee”

Using visualization, draw heart from chest, see it floating above your hands bathed in white light and electric blue energy. When done, replace it.

Return to meditation and cast that protection outward to surround the entire body raising healing energy in the process.

Earth it

Close the Circle.


Imbolc Eve Feb. 1

Candlemas Feb. 2

Brighid, St. Brigids Day, Oimelc

Constitute: A list of old “bad: health habits; cauldron- or something to burn in; candle; Altar set for Five Fold Blessing

Cast Circle: Or be in sacred space; Salt water Purification.

Statement of Intent:

“On this Eve of Light

Past things of no more use

Take flight.

To prepare the seed I plan to sow

Of these things, I must let go.

Then, once gone, room to grow

By three and three, I make it so.”

Light Candle: Burn the list while concentrating on the new and making a silent commitment to achieve health goals

Five Fold Blessing: Perform the Five Fold Blessingostara_pic

Meditate and Raise Energy

Earth it

Close circle

Ostara March 20-21-22

Spring Equinox

Constitute: Altar set up for meditation, Candle, Incense

Cast Circle: Or be in sacred space; Salt water purification

Statement of Intent:

“The chains of winter are broken

Birthing a feeling of freedom

To plant intent.

As microcosm, I connect to the

Macrocosm that is the Universe.

Anger is transformed to forgiveness,

For others and for myself.

By the truth of three and three

I summon the power of healing to me.

In the Gall Bladder and the Liver

Qi flows smoothly, like a River.”

Meditate: Enter into a trance state. Visualize Qi running Up through the Liver and down through the Gall Bladder Meridians.

Activate the Liver at Lv 1

Activate the Gall Bladder at Gb 1

Activate simultaneously at Gb 24 (Lv 14)

Shift focus to spleen, do a spleen meditation focusing on health for this system

“By three and three of ill stay free

It is my will, so mote it be.”

Expand healing energy and protection throughout the entire body.

Raise this energy

Earth it

Close the Circle


beltaneBeltane Eve April 30

Roodmas May 1

Constitute: Altar set up for Meditation

Cast Circle: Or be in sacred space; Salt water purification

Statement of Intent:

“Day of Balance

Creation and re-creation.

Body warmed by the healing

Warmth of a gentle flame.

Joy found in contentment

By the truth of three and three

I summon healing power to me

In small intestine and in heart

Qi will not be slow to start.”

Meditate: Enter trance state. Visualize smooth flow of Qi through small intestine and heart meridians.

Activate Heart at Ht 9

Activate Small Intestine at Si 1

Activate simultaneously by doing one side at a time hitting Ht 9 and SI 1 at the same time.

Return to meditation and focus on the lungs. Breathe deeply filling the lungs with healing and exhaling negativity.

“By three and three of ill stay free

It is my will, so mote it be.”

Extend protection to encompass the entire body. Raise energy.

Earth energysummersolstice

Close Circle.

Midsummer Day June 20-21-22

Summer Solstice

Constitute: Altar set up for Five Fold Blessing

Cast Circle: Or be in sacred Space; Salt water Purification

Statement of Intent:

“After this day

Light will wane

All that dies,

Shall live again.

What has not died has been

By this dim and waning light

I see myself with clearer sight.

With the light, I too, recede

My mind, body and soul to feed.

I shed what’s past

Work done now will last.

For the good of all,

And without cause, harm none.

I thank you, teacher, setting Sun.”

Five Fold Blessing: Do the Five Fold Blessing

Raise energy, focus on self empowerment.

Earth residual energy

Close Circle.


LughLughnassadh Eve July 31

Lammas August 1

*For this rite prepare a list of behaviors you wish to improve upon where health is concerned, include health goals as well. This list will be burned in the ritual to symbolize letting go of over obsession with the past and the future- it is good to learn from the past while not dwelling on the possible future. It’s about being able to think about The past without regret and the future without attachment to outcome*

Constitute: Altar set up for Five Fold Blessing; Candle(s) Cauldron (fire pit) List

Cast Circle: Or be in Sacred Space;do a Salt Water Purification

Statement of Intent:

“The time has come to Harvest.

If work has been done

The fruit of it stands ripe on the vine.

I take into myself the strength and

Confidence from having done this work.

I take into myself the readiness

To begin planning for the next

Seed to sow.

And I make this promise;

To never stop and stagnate

To continue to grow and change

For the better

Truth as foundation

So mote it be.”

Light Candle: Take list, hold it a moment and focus intent, then burn it saving the ashes *These will be scattered upon the Earth later or kept depending upon the practitioner wishes.*

Cast over it saying:

“By wet of rain and heat of Sun

This work, as always, just begun.

For whosoever has the will

To grow and change and not stand still

Can continue learning evermore

And see what they could not see before.

What goes out, comes back times three

And with clear vision, I can see

That choice and Truth shall set us free.”

Meditate: Focus intent- scry if you feel to.

Perform the Five Fold Blessing: (optional)

Earth energy

Close Circle


Mabon Sept. 20-21-22

Fall Equinox

Constitute: Altar set up for meditation

Cast Circle: Or be in Sacred Space; Salt Water Purification

Statement of Intent:

“Day and Night are equal

I have sown, I have tended

I have grown, I have gathered

Autumn’s grain is Springs seed

I commit to health

With word and deed.

By the truth of three and three

I summon healing power to me.

In the lungs and Large Intestine

To create a balance

Between Yang and Yin.”

Meditate: Enter trance state; visualize Qi in the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians.

Activate Lung at Lu 1

Activate Large Intestine at Li 20

Activate simultaneously by doing one side at a time using those same points, hitting them at the same time.

Return to meditation and focus on the Liver.

“By three and three of ill stay free

It is my will, so mote it be.”

Spread the healing and protection throughout and around the entire body

Raise energy

Earth residual Energy

Close Circle


Purify-Consecrate-Cast Salt

Constitute: salt, Chalice-with water, altar, Athame, Candle

Cast Circle; light at least one candle when you cast your circle. Go to Altar and take up salt, say:

Blessed be this creature of salt.

May all malignancy and hindrance

Be cast thence from to allow

Clarity and Truth to enter therein.

I bless and invoke thee salt.”

Return to altar and take up Water, say:

Blessed be this creature of water

Cast out impurity as one can

Cure bad water by sending it back

To the River.

Reflect Truth as We/I walk our/my path.

I bless and invoke thee water.”

Return to altar. Use the tip of athame to scoop three pinches of salt into the water. Say:

By the Air of her breath” —blow on the water

By the Fire of her spirit” —pass chalice over candle flame

By the Waters of re-birth” —Charge with Athame

By her body, Mother Earth” —charge with Athame

Sprinkle Altar and Tools with this water. Walk around circle sprinkling it about saying:

Salt and Sea, of ill stay free.

Fire and Air, draw all that is fair.

Round and Round this Circle is bound

When all the way around, return to the Altar and place chalice on it.

So mote it be.”

Now your space and your tools are purified and consecrated to be used how the practitioner deems fit. This method may be used for cleansing people as well.


To Gain Forgiveness from Another

This spell actually has a lot of potential and can easily be used to repair various types of damage to relationships if you tweak it here or there…

Constitute: 1 Popsicle stick; sugar; water, pen, quart jar with a screw on lid.

Cast Circle: Consecrate tools

>on the Popsicle stick write the name of the offended person on one side, your own name on the other. Fill the jar about halfway with sugar and place the stick inside. Say:

“In this sugar we both stand

Back to back but hand in hand.

Change *insert name here*’s

Negative thoughts of me,

To thoughts of forgiveness, I plea.”

>Add water until the jar is ¾ full, say:

With this water I wash away

All that keeps us now at bay.

Sugar and water, I now pray

Allow forgiveness to come our way.”

>Cap jar tightly, shake 9 times saying:

Sugar, syrup, do your thing

And with *insert name* forgiveness bring.

Soak him/her in thoughts of me so sweet

That his/her forgiveness is complete.

By Sun, Wind, Earth and shining Sea

It is my will, so mote it be.

Close Circle

NOTE: during the meditation part of this ritual it is suggested that there be a focus on being deserving of the other persons forgiveness and on a commitment to continuing to be worthy of it.




For some workings one knows what they want to do and how they want to do it but the words just won’t come. For decades various people have accommodated the need for words. It can be tricky, as a youth I often would try and “wing it” only to end up talking to my version of the “powers that be” as though I was in a therapy session. (I do tend to go on) At any rate over time I have learned that it is better to just get down to it. 

The point here is that after decades of trying to narrow it down and speak simply, I’ve spent time and am still working on, making certain the words are clear. For example, one might think that to say, “I will accomplish *this* goal” is a positive thing, the power of positive thought, right? However, when one considers the word “will” one realizes that use of the word “will” puts the intended outcome in a perpetual future, a “one day this WILL happen” place, where it can get stuck and never enter into the now and be made manifest. That one simple word can make a big  difference.

At any rate, the following are some words for different workings. Some are old, some are new, most have been rolling around in my brain-pan for so long I can’t remember the first time I used them or wrote them down, but they have proven effective for me in the past.

I will add this though, for some of these words may seem harsh or crazy, like in the first bit. Remember, intent is the most  important aspect to consider. Part of the responsibility of the practitioner is to understand that some words are metaphor. That isn’t meant to be contradictory, if you are uncomfortable with metaphor, simply use different words. I know, it is possible that the same could be said for the word “will” but bear in mind, a word of manifestation is different, habits are made of saying them. A magical working presents totally different variables. That being said, here are some words.


To Banish Negativity

Spirits of ill intent,

Unfriendly beings

Unwanted guests,


Go or be torn by the whirlwind.

Go or be consumed by the flames.

Go or be drown in the abyss.

Go or be cast into the pit of blackness.


Protection For Home *using salt

Here now this salt I spread about

to keep all forms of malevolence out.

No danger can enter into this place

Protected here in time and space.

I now invoke the law of three,

this is my will, so mote it be.


To Bind an Enemy

By Air and Earth, by Water and Fire,

So be you bound as I desire.

By three and Nine, your power I bind.

By Moon and Sun, my will be done.

By sky and sea, keep harm from me.

Light revealed, now be sealed.


*More to come and more available upon request