The tools here are meant to coincide with the running theme and with the sample created for this site. Remember, the methods for finding resonance and then deciding how it should manifest are still a choice and can be applicable to any theology or religion the practitioner sees fit.


Just a quick note on tools. First of all, I have always found that any tool will work if you consecrate it first, you could use a butter knife rather than an Athame in a pinch and so long as you consecrate the tool to its use and have focused intent your working will be fine. This is also why I don’t adhere to the whole, “NO! You absolutely MUST use a blue candle for that, your teal one won’t work!” bit. If your spell is ineffective because you used a green candle rather than a blue one then you aren’t casting the spell properly.

Also, I have found that tools you make yourself are easiest to connect to. Some tools are more difficult to make than others, such as an Athame, but where there is a will there is a way. I once used a throwing knife. I wrapped the handle in leather weaving herbs and such into it, placed certain symbols on it and it was really effective.

One more thing, the following tools and placement of those tools are merely suggestions and are not set in stone. I often switch the Athame to the left and the wand to the right for example to mix it up a little and create my own kind of balance.


EAST: In the East is the Wand generally associated with the Goddess.

SOUTH: In the South is the Consecration Amulet. This is a tool specific to the sample using a flower, an herb and a tree to make three plus salt for purification. Of course more or less herbs could be used and items personal to the practitioner can be placed in as well. I made one decades ago by putting the items into a leather pouch that I had  made. Based on the properties of the herbs etc. inside the pouch it can be used to consecrate a person or object quickly since it will have already been blessed and consecrated itself to that specific use. It can also be carried around ritual space before a ritual begins, thrice widdershins, or deasil depending upon the preference of the practitioner and the nature of the ritual about to take place. This object is in the South because it is a tool of action. An example of contents is as follows:

Red Clover: Red Clover is specific to consecration of ritual tools made of copper and for consecration of a ritual Pentacle. It is held sacred by the Celts and represents restoration; its planetary association is Venus.

Dragons Blood: Dragons Blood will increase the energy of any ritual as well as provide protection. It has been used to seal sacred documents, oaths and vows and in Book blessings. It can be used for consecration of any ritual tool or tool of divination. It is also associated with the art of shape shifting for astral travel and is associated with the sword of truth. Dragons Blood invokes Shiva and is associated with the planet Pluto.

Oak: Since to consecrate an object is to make it sacred, Oak is here to represent that sacredness. It was held sacred to Druids and Romans it’s planetary association is Jupiter and it also represents Yang energy. Of course there is more lore about Oak but it would fill an entire book, so I’ll keep it simple.

Extras=  In that pouch, or Consecration Amulet, I also added a moonstone to represent Yin energy, blue corn powder and Celtic sea salt.

If the idea of a consecration amulet doesn’t resonate for you, the cauldron is a suggested substitute.


In the West is the Athame which makes a lot of sense when using the aspects as they apply to TCM which puts Metal as the elemental correspondence here.


Since in the sample the elemental correspondence here can be Water, the chalice can be placed here.


Represented by the Earth element, a pentagram works well here engraved into wood or better yet, stone. Any stone or crystal can work, it is helpful however to consecrate it first and use the same one with some regularity. A stone or crystal used for divination is particularly effective in this position.