Crystals & Stones

This section is a work in progress as I am more a novice with using crystals. Truth be told, I have been using them for decades without really knowing the whole of it. I’ll have a crystal that is “good for protection” or “calms the nerves and is grounding” but be unaware of all the other properties it has.  I feel that all this time and I’ve only barely scratched the surface and I’m itching. It is my habit, when I come across information that is helpful on the path of spiritual growth, to share it. To that end, I am FINALLY adding information about crystals.


All the content here is from notes I took and things I wrote based on my own experiences over the course of time. Deeper research into crystals has only just begun for me and I have found the following links useful. The links have provided a sort of foundation or place to start. I prefer books, with paper in them. When I use sites like this I only take what is resonant with me personally since I can only go based on my own experiences and those are included as well. In other words the information here is basically foundational with my own twist on it based on my own experiences, yours may be different which is why I made sure to add a comments section at the bottom of each page.


So, without further ado and with many thanks to:

I do have to mention my hands down FAVORITE source of information and of all things it comes in the form of a Google+ Group. By now most of us have been forced to create a google account for one reason or another so let me just say, if you are interested in crystals and use your G+ account for NO OTHER REASON, use it for this group. The group is called Healing With Crystals and the members are well spoken and well educated about the subject matter. It is also a group free of all the snarky negativity found in so many groups online. The creator of the group, Sandro, has an understanding on this subject matter more vast than I can mention here since I can only explain it as innate, instinctual. It’s a great place to ask questions if you want answers from folks who are helpful and not horrible.

I’m starting with a list of my favorite 13. Of course, the list is always in flux and I am learning more all the time so it is certain more will be added in time. Suggestions and helpful insight are encouraged. Thanks. I know that in a world being trained to stick to 140 characters I should keep it short and sweet and so that is what I have attempted to do. Still, insights are welcome in the comments.

                     List o’ 13

  1. Rose Rock
  2. Mookaite Jasper
  3. Selenite
  4. Rose Quartz
  5. Labradorite
  6. Sodalite
  7. Calligraphy Script Stone
  8. Tourmalated Quartz
  9. Black Tourmaline
  10. Rutilated Quartz
  11. Turquoise
  12. Celestite
  13. Hematite

This page will be frequently updated.

There is a tool at the Crystal Vaults site that I have found to be generally useful. It’s a reference guide with a quick look into a few points of information about varied crystals based on what one might use them for. An example of an entry looks like this:

Crystals for Motivation

Motivation isn’t always an easy attribute to find. It doesn’t come to all of us easily, and the ones it does it can be just as easily lost. It seems as if are motivation can sometimes be directly related to our emotions and situation. If we are in a bad place either emotionally or in our lives, motivation can seem like a far off dream. We need motivation in our lives to become more, move on, move up, and find better places for us to be, both mentally and spiritually. If you are looking to find or increase your motivation we recommend light olive colored crystals such as Prehnite and Pyromorphite.


Hopefully people will find it useful. HERE is the link.

Another useful site for crystal data is:, the largest mineral database in the world.


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