Crystals; A List o’ 13

How come only 13?

Since this section is new and I am a novice in my learning about crystals this list will more than likely change over time, then again, so too has everything about Bohemian Mysticism for some 40 years now. Or as I like to say, if it isn’t in constant flux, you aren’t doing it right.

I am starting with a simple list of 13 crystals, just ones that have been favorites over the course of time or that I’ve just always had around for some reason or another. Why 13? If you have to ask, you’ll never know…and if you don’t know now you know… OK really, I just have always liked the number. It’s likely I’ll add a second page for “The Rest of Them” but we begin with 13.

Suggestions are welcome in the comments section or via the contact form.

NOTE: These notes, especially at first, will be seemingly random and possibly unorganized, just know that as it changes, the changes will only be for the better. If you have questions about crystals, again, the best place I’ve come across for real answers from real people from all walks of life is Healing With Crystals.

As to general notes about what to expect here, I’ll simply say that the focus will be on the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals. There won’t be a lot of scientific information about mineral content or even where best to find them, that’s up to the practitioner. There also won’t be a lot of focus on associations and the ones made are the opinions of the sources I got them from outlined on the main crystals & gemstones page. As always, I encourage one to use crystals and gain insight and experience in that way then make their own associations or discover and validate what is already there.

Here is a List o’ 13 favorites:


3 thoughts on “Crystals; A List o’ 13

  1. Fabulous selection of your favourite 13 Crystals and excellent information. Looking forward to seeing you post Crystal Of The Day on the G+ Community 😁


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