Mookaite Jasper

This type of Australian Jasper encourages journeys of all kinds, whether they are physical, spiritual or mental and it encourages calm by helping bring balance to these three areas of life.

It helps one to focus their personal power and awakens instincts when it comes to knowing what path to take as one walks their path.  Feeling this empowerment results in increased feelings of self-worth and boosts confidence. Said to be associated with the solar plexus chakra, the seat of the will and of personal power.

Emotionally, it helps with stress brought on by deep seated issues as it is helpful in handling core issues that may have been put off too long. The general calming effect it has is helpful with this process as it helps one maintain a calm state of mind while you examining, processing and releasing negative experiences and unhealthy attachments. This state of calm also opens the door to moving forward a better person for having learned things of value from experience. It also paves the way to move forward confidently knowing which direction you are meant to be going in. It helps one accept challenges rather than shy away from them which creates a desire for new experiences. It also helps with acceptance of the changes that need to be made to take those new paths.

Mookaite is said to boost the immune system and increase the life force by countering the effects of aging. It has a restorative effect where there has been damage to tissue. It treats cystitis, high blood sugar and disorders of the kidneys and bladder. It also has the action of supporting proper fluid intake and balancing mineral content within the body.

Mookaite comes in varied shades of yellows, reds, purples and even whites. I’m still looking into definitive information regarding the wide array of colors this beautiful stone can be. I know that with plants and healing it can make a difference. For example, say clover is good for the blood; red clover’s action is more to move the blood, while white clover is better for tonifying the blood, that isn’t only applicable to clover either. Nature is a smart cookie, as I am predominantly an herbalist I know this to be true, I think it will be fascinating to learn how this is applicable in relation to crystals.


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