Rose Rock

Aka: Gypsum Rose, Desert Rose

This mineral will quiet worries and still the mind. It helps one organize and filter outside distractions that have created habitual blockages. Rose Rock is used to dissolve programming put upon us by outside forces and then sometimes enforced by us. There are also the programs we settle in for, usually outdated patterns that no longer serve forward movement. This can also apply to old programs that are over-used.

Rose Rock has been known to enhance mental ability and clarity increasing intuitive perception of all kinds, this makes it a good rock to enhance psychic capabilities. It’s also helpful for strength during meditation or affirmation. It provides empowerment in that it gives one the strength to stand their ground and get through difficult times.

It is of benefit to the proper alignment of the spine and overall skeletal system and has been said to be of benefit in easing epileptic seizures as well.

Rose Rock is good for protection, prosperity and purification. It is said to neutralize negative energy or even clear it entirely from objects or from people. It helps remove energy blockages to assist with clarity of mind and making good decisions thus enhancing mental acuity. It helps one to stay focused and remain optimistic while still being realistic.

Rose Rocks have been used in past as talismans as it was thought that each one had its own spirit or guardian that would protect its bearer and help them to overcome fears  all the while boosting self-confidence.


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