Rutilated Quartz

Aka: Golden Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is an energizing stone that helps to move energy on all levels. Not only does it move energy, it also deflects negative energy as well as unwanted energetic, psychic and magical blockages. It helps move Qi through the meridians wherever it’s sluggish. It is a stone of forgiveness, I like to say that it holds the essence of Ho’oponopono.

It assists with mental focus and the decision making process. It amplifies thoughts and aids manifestation and creativity which stimulates the power of intention used to manifest one’s true destiny and life to oneself. It amplifies thoughts and aids manifestation of creativity. Since it boosts creativity it is a good piece for artists and writers.

Rutilated quartz has the extraordinary action of helping one cope as it eases loneliness and relieves guilt, among other things. It can help one overcome the feeling that they are stuck in a rut in their life. Using the stone to meditate brings insight into how to get out of it and amplifies one’s strength to see change through. It amplifies spiritual guidance and helps create mental clarity which focuses concentration. It helps with releasing the past, not only past mistakes of this life but it helps with resolving issues from past lives as well. It helps with past life healing by providing insight into past events that are effecting current circumstances.

It’s useful for higher spiritual experiences including dream-work such as lucid dreaming. It is said to be associated with the solar plexus chakra but is also considered a link or bridge between the root and crown chakras. It energizes the higher mind as it is powerfully linked to all the higher chakras, from the heart all the way up. It cleanses the aura, repels negativity and boosts telepathy. It is also said to be associated with Taurus and Gemini.

Carrying the stone will purify toxic thought patterns, especially habitual ones. It also wards of psychic attack, for those really in “tune” with their stone it can provide a warning sign of some kind, it’s manifestation is variable. It can be a sort of filter to filter out negativity while still supporting the energy field in times of emotional release or when one is in communication with the darker side of their psyche. It also aids in astral travel, scrying, channeling and for people who read, whether they read people, palms, cards or what have you, sight is enhanced. When it is placed on the third eye chakra it enhances intuition, manifestation and metaphysical sight.

Rutilated quartz is good for regeneration of tissue, fatigue, depression, respiratory system function and stability of the overall system. It also helps with proper absorption of nutrients from food. It stimulates cell growth and aids in healing. It is helpful in cases of fatigue of the sort that generates feelings of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, carrying it will help by helping one willing to feel it, feel restored and rejuvinated. It has even been reputed to slow aging.


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