Sodalite is a stone of logic, rationality and efficiency. It stimulates clear thought and enhances communication making it helpful for group work of any sort. It’s also great to heal previous breaches in communication that may have had negative outcome. Simply out, it brings out the truth, in point of fact, it brings out the truth in all communications in this world and in others with the overall tone that so long as you have done your best, the truth shouldn’t hinder you. In that way it encourages one to always do their best.

Sodalite also brings about creativity and can bring out latent talents stimulating abilities previously ignored. It is very useful for teachers, writers and students of all areas of study. It helps one understand deeper philosophical principles which opens the door to the development of intuition and the awakening of psychic abilities. It also helps to keep anxiety at bay.

Sodalite is said to enhance the third eye chakra and pineal gland.

Carrying sodalite reduces negativity and protects from external negative influences. Spiritual understanding and acceptance are increased and those external forces, things you have no control over, no longer hamper growth. Brutal truths will be revealed in meditation and processing them then going forward with new insight, new eyes to see with, is eased by using sodalite, it is a grounding stone.


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