Tourmalated Quartz

The combination of clear white quartz, which like all quartz is an amplifier and jet black tourmaline creates a nice balance reminiscent of the yin-yang dynamic. The tourmaline purifies one’s own actions and intent and protects from outside negativity while the quartz amplifies any energy that is passed through it. Generally it protects one from harm with a protective, resonant field of energy. Tourmalated quartz can be used as a shield stone, protection is generated by the tourmaline and the quartz amplifies it creating the shield. Depending on the situation some negative energy can be returned to its sender.

It is regarded by many as a powerful stone not meant to be carried or worn as a day to day, ongoing charm. Tourmalated quartz generate a large amount of light to encircle ones’ body, particularly in those receptive to channeling it. This light can heal, again, more so to those who are receptive to it. When fully tapped into the healing potential is limitless for all types of healing whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. It strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion and deflects detrimental environmental influences.

I have found different sources linking it to Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn and I suppose it could be any, all or more. They are spiritually grounding no matter your sign and offer excellent protection against psychic attack or when engaging in things like meditation, divination or astral travel, among other things.  Said to be associated with all the chakras, in particular the 3rd eye and up. All the way up. And  that is where the afore mentioned light is emanated from. It has also been regularly associated with the Earth element.

A grounding stone it helps with strengthening the mind and the body. Psychologically it helps integrate and heal shadow energies such as self-sabotage. While some shadow energies can be used to great benefit some will never serve forward movement and are best eliminated as problematic.

It’s a stone of unity, this again has to do with that polarity and yin-yang dynamic, as it inspires good communication, understanding and compassion and is helpful during conflict as it helps inspire creative problem solving and acceptance of new ideas. It also helps one recognize old, outdated ideas that no longer serve toward growth and let them go. One specific action with this stone is the release from fears that are connected with your physical existence here on this Earth. Something to think about.

Quartz is a master healing stone for any ailment and tourmaline is said to help with strengthening the immune system, providing pain relief, helping align the spinal column and helping specifically with the lower back. Together they harmonizes the meridians, the subtle bodies and the chakras.


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