fractals-finest-line-longerTable of Contents

Home Page– News and Updates

Namaloha– A personal Greeting

About– About Bohemian Mysticism, the best clarity I can offer for a system of practice that has been around and in flux for over four decades.

Applied– A sample; Presented here is a foundation for Pagan practice.

  • Grimoire– Excerpts from one of my Grimoires
  • Divisions– aspects/correspondences used within the sample.
  • Tools– specifically created as possible tools that could be used in the sample
  • TCM Associations

The Cauldron– This includes things such as Days of the Week Correspondences,Planetary Correspondences, Other Planetary Associations such as element, day, sun sign, color, gemstone, metal, herbs & plants.

  • Hoodoo Rootwork – My personal list of favorite ingredients I use in conjure work.
  • Recipes– Recipes for teas, oils and incense.
  • Lost & Found– A place where I drop random notes from old dusty notebooks, old computer files or even from the archives of my own Mind Palace.

Documents– documents in pdf formatted printer friendly copies. You’ll find documents regarding general information, Rootwork, Recipes and Herbs, Pagan themed rites and magical workings and Covencraft.

Open Source Mysticism– My own thoughts on what I call “open source” spiritual practice. This was my answer to all my geeky friends who have asked how someone as scientifically minded as myself can believe in all this “hullabaloo.”

Crystals, Minerals & Gemstones*NEW* This section will be in flux as I am learning it as I add it here. Bear with me as we go along and thank you for your patience. Email me with suggestions and ideas if you’d like via the Contact Form.